Create a New Site

In today's world, everyone who wants to be known - whether they be individual, nonprofit or small business owner - must have a website.

Lucid will work with you to identify the design and layout that suits your needs and develop the site using PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Flash, SQL data entry fields, and e-commerce capabilities can be added to your site as needed. Your site will also be optimized for search engines like Google so people can find your site once it is completed.

Lucid will also help you to register your domain name and set you up with a server account. Updates can be done by Lucid or through a customized Content Management System.

Get started today by telling Zach about the type of website you would like to create.

Update an Existing Site

Web standards and technologies have changed dramatically in the past five years. If you are unsatisfied with the look or features of your website, now is the perfect time to upgrade.

Lucid will work with you to create a dynamic, interactive website that you can be proud of. Search engine optimization, e-commerce, Content Management System, Flash animation, and many other services are available on top of basic website development and design.

E-mail Zach Larson to get started.